Monday, December 3, 2007

Free webhosting 250 MB adv. free

clipped from is making a revolution in web
hosting industry. Look what we offer totally free:
250 MB disk space, 100 GB data transfer, cPanel access,
full domain hosting allowed, backups, end user support
and much much more.. With your website
will load lightning fast, and we have lots of features,
sometimes even more you can get with paid hosting.
Choose the new generation of free hosting!
No ads of any kind
PHP and MySQL supported hosting
cPanel control panel
Real user support
Finally.. what are your guarantees?

1. We own all servers. No one can shut down or reload
any server with your data.
2. Bandwidth will never run out, we have dedicated
10mbit connection on each server.
3. All accounts are backed up every 30 days and
stored on remote server. Also you can generate and download
your account backup from cPanel 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year.
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