Monday, December 17, 2007

We need our ClipCast widgets at Wordpress, Matt

clipped from
As many of you know, on Wednesday, the 12th of December, Clipmarks opened a new phase on information management / sharing with its 3.0 version. There are lots of new things, not just about the look and feel of the site but also the functionality and usage of the clipping tools. Without doubt, the most remarkable of them is the brand new ClipCast. This new feature allows clippers to add almost anything they want at Clipmarks site, to their blogs
It would be great if we could add it to our Wordpress hosted blogs too but as you all know, WP does not allow custom codes on hosted blogs (very reasonable security policy.)
So, if we manage to make our voices heard loudly enough, I’m sure Matt Mullenweg and his colleagues would gladly help us on this, by adding ClipCast to Wordpress widgets gallery for our convenience

“Matt, would you please add a ClipCast widget to Wordpress widgets gallery? We clipper bloggers will appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance.”

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