Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tool Group : Administrative Assistance (and Assistants!) for Groups


Minggu ini Multiply menambahkan beberapa tool tambahan untuk pengelolaan Group yang cukup baik dan sangat membantu.
Silahkan periksa penjelasan singkat berikut dan ikuti diskusinya di soumbernya bila berkenan.


We break our weeklong silence today with some news that will almost certainly make the wait absolutely worth it.

We have some new features. These features are enhancements to groups.
You are going to love these features.

These features include:

New member approval If you run a public group, until now, this meant that just anyone could join. It's now possible for group administrator(s) to approve new memberships, as people join.

If you run a private group, and allow members to invite other members, you now choose to approve those new members as well.

Administrator post moderation Group admins can now choose to moderate posts that are made to the group, before they're shared with all members.

Assistant administrators Does keeping up-to-date with approving new members and posts sound like a lot of work to you? Why not make it someone else's problem let someone else help you out?

Group admins can now nominate one or more assistant administrators to help keep your group well-maintained. Assistant admins can do everything an admin can (including the two new features above) but cannot... 1) add or remove admins (or assistant admins), 2) delete the group, or 3) edit the group's settings.

Group settings has moved Speaking of group settings, we've moved the link for changing these to the handy new location of your group's sidebar, right underneath the group headshot. For simply viewing the group's current settings, the "View Group Profile" still remains in the Welcome box.

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