Saturday, February 2, 2008

Midi-Karaoke Player : GoSing

GoSing! is a free computer karaoke player

Sure! We implement the innovative "follow the arrow" concept! You can play a song with only two keystrokes! The down arrow key shows the song list and the right arrow plays the selected song!
All other features can be controlled with our ERK system! (ERK stands for "Easy to Remember Keystrokes").

Don't be tricked by the small size (about 300Kb). GoSing! is packaged with many features that make it a full featured karaoke player:

  • Fully compatible with KAR, MID and MK1 karaoke files. KAR files are the standard for PC-Karaoke files. That means tons of songs are available on the Internet!
  • An exclusive "wait the traffic lights" system that shows you the exact moment to start to sing each phrase!
  • Key control to adjust the song with your tuning!
  • Tempo control to adjust the song speed!
  • Can open Zip compressed karaoke files directly, without help of external application!
  • No installation needed! The executable runs "right out of the box". Several installation options can be instantaneously configured from it's control menu. If you don't want the GoSing! in your machine, just delete it!

What are you waiting for? Just download the software now and start having fun!

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