Monday, January 14, 2008

The artist who creates amazing works out of sticky tape

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An Ukranian born artist in America has created beautiful works of art...made out of brown packaging tape.

Mark Khaisman builds up layers of tape on a plexiglass sheet to create a range of shades and then mounts the sheet on a light box. His pictures range from chairs to people.

Mark Khaisman creates his pictures out of layers of tape

"My main motivation is my love for classics," Mr Khaisman said.

"The images are archetypes derived from the cultural heritage: art, architecture, movies. I am trying to be faithful to the source, but in the process of interpretation all kinds of things happen.

"The reason is submerged in the shadows, the purpose is absorbed by the light, the cultural icon has become the personal experience."

Originally trained as an architect in Moscow, Mr Khaisman's unusual works were recently shown at the Centre for Emerging Visual Arts in Philadelphia where he is now based.

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