Thursday, January 17, 2008

Basic Stereograms

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Why do they look 3D?

1. The wonderful picture which you can see invisible objects

A shape and a word are hidden in fig.1. Can't you see them? Don't give up, and watch the picture carefully. Imagining that a shape and a word are hidden, see far away vacantly. Then 3D image will appear...

fig.1 Stereogram "Eat it!"

Theory of stereograms


fig.4 a very simple stereogram

Fig.4 is a very simple example of stereogram. The circles in an upper row look more far (or nearer, in another point of view) than screen position and have same depth. The circles in a middle row have a depth different from an upper row. The circles in a lower row have different depths which are gradually changed. Even such a simple picture looks 3D! Though right and left eyes commonly see the same circle, when you see them by a distant eye or cross-eye, right and left eyes misunderstand and slip in one piece of circle in the horizontal direction. At this time they look 3D.

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