Thursday, January 17, 2008

Search like you have never searched before

No more wasting time going through pages of search results. Find exactly what you are searching for fast. Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click. Generating targeted search results directly from your browser in a matter of seconds!

Here’s an image of the tool bar;

The first button on the tool bar is named “PST”, clicking it opens the following menu;

If you hover your mouse pointer over the remove menu, following options become available (very useful tools);

Next is the search box, where you enter the search term.

Next is the menu for which you installed the tool bar in the first place, viz, power search menu;

File Type sub menu has following selections;

The without filter has following options;

The occurrences sub-menu has these options available;

Next is the date-history sub-menu;

Next is the “free to use or share” sub-menu;

Next comes the “Other search engines” search menu, which also has a “more” sub-menu;

Next comes the eBay and mp3 search buttons;

Next is the “World Times” menu, with three sub-menu’s;

World cities and world countries sub-menu’s have alphabetized sub-menu’s, which contains the names of cities and countries;

Next is the “GMT Time Zones” sub menu;

Next is the “more search options” button;

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