Tuesday, November 27, 2007

13 Tweaks To Further Accelerate Your Firefox 2.0

clipped from rangit.com

Thanks to helpero.com, a website that solves internet problem, they helped increase my firefox surfing speed by 12%. Below are the details of my browser and the 13 tweaks to accelerate your firefox 2.0.

Tested on firefox version


Tested at http://rangit.com.

Recorded load time with Firefox Load Time Analyzer Plugin.


ori load time

8.703 seconds


after load time

7.609 seconds = 12% increase

The Tweaks

  1. Pipelining

  2. pipelining

  3. Proxy Pipelining

  4. proxy pipelining

  5. Disable ipv6

  6. disable ipv6

  7. Add Content Interrupt Parsing

  8. content interrupt passing 1

    content interrupt passing 2

    content interrupt passing 3

  9. Add Content Max Tokenizing Time

  10. content max tokenizing time 1

    content maz tokenizing time 2

    content max tokenizing time 3

  11. Add Content Notify Interval

  12. content notify interval

    ontent notify interval 2

    content notify interval 3

  13. Add Content Notify On Timer

  14. Content Notify On Timer 1

    Content Notify On Timer 2

    Content Notify On Timer 3

  15. Add Content Notify Backoffcount

  16. Content Notify Backoff Count 1

    Content Notify Backoff Count 2

    Content Notify Backoff Count 3

  17. Add Content Switch Threshold

  18. Content Switch Threshold 1

    Content Switch Threshold 2

    Content Switch Threshold 3

  19. Add Nglayout Initial Paint Delay

  20. Nglayout Initial Paint Delay

    Nglayout Initial Paint Delay

    Nglayout Initial Paint Delay

  21. Add User Interface Submenu Delay

  22. User Interface Submenu

    UI Submenu Delay

    UI Submenu Delay

  23. Add Plugin Expose Full Path

  24. Plugin Expose Full Path

    Plugin Expose Full Path

    Value should automatically be true.

  25. Add Browser Cache Memory Capacity

  26. browser cache memory capcity

    browser cache memory capacity

    browser cache memory capacity

How much did it increase for you?


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