Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Firefox add-ons : 1.1.0

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Firefox Firefox Add-ons 1.1.0

Instant peer2peer Meeting, File Sharing and Blogging between you and anyone else visiting the same site.
NO Sign-Up NO Membership NO Costs NO Limits.

Run to your favorite website and,
> MEET the other website visitors
> SHARE any folder on your PC

> BLOG freely and easily

Likewise website or blog owners could use to add a sense of community to their site visitors.
* To Change sites or pages, simply click on the "Change Site" icon located to the right of the logo
Chat, P2P, Peer-to-Peer,Download, Friends, Visitors, MashUp, Groups, File Sharing, Audio, Video, Social Networking, web 2.0
The next version of will include additional features such as Sub-Folder sharing, Interactive Blogging, Easy Media Insertion, Download Sorting and More Mash-Ups with Web 2.0 services like Jaxtr.
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