Friday, November 30, 2007

Iranian spends 46 years in cave: report

No mention of a juniper bush.
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An Iranian newspaper has run a story, along with a picture, of a man who has been living in a cave for almost half a century.

The old man told an Iranian newspaper that he moved into the cave 46 years ago after the death of a loved one. He says he prefers living there in the middle of a forest, even though nearby villages have built a hut for him.

The man lives off a diet of yoghurt, vegetables, fruits of the forest and bread and says he has never eaten hot food.

The last time he washed was when he went to hospital 20 years ago, but five years ago the villagers did persuade him to cut off his filthy hair.

He says he is educated and knows many poems. The picture of the man shows he looks considerably older than his 66 years.

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