Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GTDinbox for GMail

GTDInbox for Gmail

Email is the biggest online activity, the one we cannot eliminate, the one that generates the most ‘to do’ actions… and therefore it is the one place that truly benefits from any productivity improvement.

GTDInbox incorporates basic task and workflow management into Gmail, letting you categorise emails as they enter your inbox and review them later. This allows far more efficient email processing, as well as ensuring an email never slips through your net. It also eases your daily Gmail life, creating various shortcut techniques to help you do repetitive tasks a lot faster.

GTDInbox does not waste your time trying to provide new forms of task-management, it simply streamlines what you already do.

Downloaded over 50,000 times, given very high reviews by over 90 members of, and voted #12 in .NET magazine’s Top 50 Firefox extensions; GTDInbox was our original Productive Firefox offering.

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