Saturday, December 1, 2007

Build a swicki!

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Build a swicki!

A swicki is a custom social search portal on the topic of your choice. With every search, vote and click your swicki generates more relevant results and turns into a valuable asset for you and your community.

  • Pick a name that describes your topic of interest

  • Customize the search widget look and feel

  • Share your swicki widget with your community
  • New! Play videos in your custom search widget. Build a video swicki.

    Browse the directory

    Try a search using one of 98,000 swickis already created, or find one, grab the widget and put it on your site.

    Video swickis

    Top Travel Destinations Thumbnail
    Election 2008 Thumbnail
    Live Music Performances Thumbnail
    Family Guy Clips Thumbnail
    Will Ferrell Clips Thumbnail
    More NFL Videos Thumbnail

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